Purpose & Vision

Our PURPOSE is to nurture:

       ~Living as your true self           ~Finding your own answers

 ~Identification and realization of your soul’s longing, creativity, and personal needs

                      ~Meeting life with confidence           ~Connecting with nature 

                                              ~Self-Healing, -Care, -Love, -Awareness, -Trust

                                      ~Attitudinal healing          ~Emotional healing & growth   

                                                   ~Connecting with vaster spiritual realities 

       ~Quieting, stillness beyond the mind    ~Renewal, comfort, thriving

~Safe Community

Our VISION is to provide:

Private healing sessions    ~    Retreats    ~    Residential Stays

Workshops    ~    Classes    ~    Support Groups

Exhibits    ~    Holistic products

Volunteer opportunities    ~    Work exchange

      Community playtime