What type of healing is best for me? 

(See Appointment for scheduling) 

Energy Healing

Aluvia's intention is to engage with you in a way that facilitates your ability to self-heal and heightens your awareness of both your dis-ease and healing process. 

There are many techniques for working with the energy field.  A primary activity in Energy Healing is to charge, balance and strengthen the energy field or aura.  Other techniques include:  rebuilding & restructuring anatomy and integrating replacement parts; removal of energetic objects; releasing emotional and physical trauma; healing relationship cords, including genetic and ancestral; strengthening one's purest intentions; enhancing core essence energy; shamanic journeys; and past life regression. 

Energy Healing is very helpful before, during and after Surgery; healing techniques include repairing the energy field and clearing anesthesia, which can result in a reduced need for pain medications. Physical healing can be facilitated by energy work in the aura since the physical body is the most observable level of the state of the light bodies…mental, emotional and spiritual…which are all connected and interrelated.

Aluvia also addresses your health history, diet, exercise, childhood, life stresses, and beliefs which may impact your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being.

Remote or Long Distance Healing

(determined by Client need)

Energy Healing is affected by contact between Healer and Client, which exists beyond time, space and the physical dimension.  For clients who live a significant distance from Aluvia's office, or who for other reasons are unable to travel, she will consider scheduling this kind of healing session. She will make contact without the client being physically present. Communication for all or part of the session is facilitated by telephone. 

Support Phone Calls, for current Clients

Sometimes you might just feel the need for some feedback in your current situation or experience.  This phone time is available to support you, if you do not need a full healing session.

Relationship Healing for Two

Couples and family members may benefit from a joint session, to explore the energetic interactions and foster healing.  Aluvia uses High Sense Perception to read the auras or energy fields of each person, and will guide you through healing processes specific to your healing needs, both individually and together.

Please ask about sessions for more than 2 people.

Equine Interactive Therapy

Aluvia can work with you and your horse to identify next steps in your skill levels with your horse, and in your own personal healing.  Horses have precise high sense perception and will give direct feedback as to the state of a human being’s aura. Understanding these messages  can be a remarkable purification opportunity for Self-Transformation and healing.


Coming to a home, hospital or ranch is evaluated on an individual basis.  The considerations are the client's need, experience with energy healing, location and travel time.  Sometimes a remote healing may serve.