Private Sessions with Aluvia...

"When I meet with Aluvia, I feel myself being deeply heard, truly seen and comprehended as the totality of my being, as who I am deep down in my center.  That experience always brings me new understandings of myself, new inspirations to pursue my dreams, and new energy to do so!"    E.C., San Antonio

"Profound. This is the word that first comes to mind when describing the private sessions my son and I have been so privileged to have with Aluvia.  My son was in a very dark place and his life was a daily struggle and he felt quite hopeless, sad and depressed. You see my son is an enchanting soul (and I now understand advanced energetically) but labelled with Autism and understood by very few.  Aluvia immediately recognized him as an HSP - highly sensitive person and energy being and he talked to her as if it was the first person that truly spoke his language. We explored our inner landscapes, how we feel, what we think, did energy games and practices and worked on our mind images and energies and learned many wondrous things. I believe both he and I have now learned from Aluvia how to tap into and vibrate at a higher frequency and therefore experiencing less frustration and more joy in our lives. Aluvia is a gifted holistic healer. My son has blossomed and has gone from no life and a deep sense of hopelessness... to a busy active life:  attending ACC community college, working a job, belongs to social clubs, has the beginnings of a real social life - and is healthy and honestly thriving. The work we have experienced with Aluvia has been life changing and we are eternally grateful."      L.P., Austin

"If you’re seeking healing and on the fence, get off the fence and choose healing. If you’re looking for an amazing facilitator and someone you can trust to help guide you on your healing journey, I have found no better choice than Aluvia. Aluvia’s integrity and commitment to the work and her clients sets her apart from other healers I’ve worked with. I can’t speak for others, but working with Aluvia has up-leveled my capacity to heal and quickened my ability to transmute and integrate the work. Energy work is not a pill you can take and you’re all better after one session. It’s a process; and though it’s mostly linear, there is a progression and sometimes a return to painful experiences or places of incoherence or stagnation you thought you worked through, because healing is like peeling an onion—different layers to our experiences of trauma and illness and overall disharmony will be revealed in order to be resolved and healed. Healing is absolutely possible, if you intend it. On my healing journey, I’ve found Barbara Brennan trained healers/energy workers to have the most holistic and informed view of our human energy field and who we are as typically unconscious beings having a human experience that is rife with traumas that create fear and separation from God, Self and Others. Not all trained healers are created equal. They are not miracle workers, but can be miracle facilitators. But mostly, they are boots-on-the-ground humans helping guide you with their training and insight to become the most embodied, whole, healed and joyful person you can be. Aluvia is one of those healers. I recommend 10/10 to anyone who is serious about their healing journey. But even if you’re not serious, you will always benefit from an energy healing session with Aluvia. Happy healing! Blessings on your ascension path to wholeness, health and clarity."   KK - San Antonio, TX

Sound & Music Awakening & Self-Discovery Workshop...

"I experienced the healing sound workshop shortly after I had exited a crisis that had stripped me of my sense of self and agency. The beautiful desert aesthetic, along with Aluvia’s and Michael’s presence presented an immediate respite from the ongoing onslaught of fight or flight that had left me exhausted. Their sound healing journey was powerful medicine within a sober, non-hierarchical, non-coercive container. There, I encountered the trust, joy, lightness, and fun necessary to propel me through and forward to restoration."   R.H., Austin

"My experience within the Awakening through Sound & Music workshop was profound for me. It expanded my perception of music’s power to have an effect on my body, mind and spirit. Additionally, I became aware of other sounds around me that I had not heard or felt in the past in my home environment after I got home. In my personal experience, I could see light, feel vibration and hear music in the depths of my body.  Thank you Aluvia and Michael for your caring and patient guidance."   M.R., San Antonio