Aluvia's Philosophy - Our Self identify, which is ‘who we know ourselves to be’, plays an essential role in our ability to experience amazement and the joy of Life.  When we know and live as our most wise, loving, compassionate and Creative Self, we experience the pleasure of being alive.  Energy healings foster the recognition of this larger, balanced and Creative Self


The Work - Through the use of high sense perception (HSP) and hands-on healing skills, Aluvia works with the energy consciousness of the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual light bodies, as well as of the physical body, to facilitate healing and Self-realization.  

Aluvia educates on observing our experiences without judging them, being curious and questioning our beliefs, emotions and identity, and staying present with our own life and body.  Energy work supports this process by bringing awareness to habitual patterns of managing our energy consciousness and by reintegrating energy where it is most needed. 

Benefits of this work include:

Enhanced wellness and balance in all areas of life

Discovery of gifts, talents, abilities

Greater access to your Creative Source

Enhanced ability to envision and manifest one’s longings and desires

Reduced physical, emotional and mental distress

Pain reduction

Increased ability to experience pleasure

Increased mental clarity

Increased ability to feel and maintain contact/connection with Self and others

Heightening of spiritual awareness and inner guidance

Support for living a fulfilling and purposeful life