Michael Notarthomas is a singer, songwriter and musician originally

from Syracuse, NY, transplanted to Austin, TX. His avenues for musical

expression include playing guitar professionally in area pubs, restaurants,

coffee shops, and a range of other venues.  He enjoys playing benefits

and has played for causes such as JDRF, MS Walk, HAAM and a free

concert for refugees of Katrina.  Michael is also a guitar instructor and is

developing a project to use guitar as an aid to therapy for people with

hand and arm disabilities. 


Michael was born to a musical family where music has spanned across multiple generations. He grew up in an environment of continual exposure to sound and music in all its forms. His father, Anthony Notarthomas, was a classically trained pianist who filled the house (and the street!) with the music of Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and other classical composers, while Michael’s many musical siblings filled the house with the sounds of the Beatles, Motown and an entire range of popular music.


Michael has continually immersed himself in the many and varied styles, genres and periods of music, through the…

  • repeated phrases of the classical music that his father played to perfection
  • sounds of his siblings practicing their rock and folk music
  • droning and moody choral and organ music of Sunday mass
  • serious nights when his parents would listen to opera on the television
  • sounds of a large family


Michael has a pronounced and never-ending curiosity for music.  He has educated himself on the varied styles of jazz, country, Latin, blues, world and many other forms of music. His home life, since very young, inspired his acute sensitivity to sound and music, and ultimately, he developed a fine perceptive ability to recognize and distinguish their subtleties.  Through this awareness he began to employ music and sound in the pursuit of personal healing.

Realizing their therapeutic nature, they have become the focus of Michael’s healing work. He now shares his understanding of the healing power of sound and music with others for their growing awareness and healing transformation.

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https://michaelnotarthomasmusic.com/ - Michael Notarthomas Music

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