Celeste Roam, also known as Talking Dolphin.

I was introduced to alternative thinking as a child by my mother, a single mother of two
daughters. She preferred natural health solutions for ease and affordability. She is now a retired
food scientist and still loves to educate me about food and health.

In early 2016, I discovered dõTERRA essential oils at a farmers market in Texas. After one
class, I dove head first into the world of EO's. The aromas with the medicinal qualities appealed
to me on all levels.

 This really spurred my personal path of delving into health. People that strive to be their own

health advocate, and understand their body, know how many realms the studies can take you.

Over the years, I began to teach health classes and worked with many people to help them

achieve their health goals. The main component I found in all my work is that how a person
manages their emotions is the key to the physical health results desired. I began taking courses
and doing healing sessions with multiple teachers and healers. This way I could work on myself
as well as gather information of different healing modalities and their results for me. What I
found was more than I could learn thoroughly, so I decided to select a few to pursue. I then
began to collaborate with others to bring it all together for people to choose what makes sense
to them to have the best experience for the best results.

I was trained and certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by William Lam, in his Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs as a mental programmer.

   *Specific areas of focus:

  • Anchors

  • Parts Integration

  • Time-line therapy (removal of the gestalt of negative emotions)

  • Landmark worldwide, graduate

  • Completed Spiritual Activator, by Oliver Nino

  • Healers I worked closely with in my healing process:

  • Thetahealing with Linda Chaikin, California

  • Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and healer Ahuti Ferid, California

  • Licensed acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor Vy Simeles, Oregon

  • Dr Daniel Beilin OMD, Thermography, Alternative, integrative and functional medicine, California

  • Native practices with Shaman Earth Thunder, Idaho; and RiverEyes Medicine Woman, Idaho

Plus numerous other doctors and healers that I've met and learned from...

  • Dr Price, US (Iridologist)

  • Dr Demaris, Texas (Well Within Chiropractor, and a dōTERRA team member)

  • Crystal Maxey, California (Somatic Therapy, and massage)

My passion and goal is to help people in empowering themselves in emotional management so they can fully heal and dream and create...so that they can live life to the fullest.